The Achievement Center
The Achievement Center


All of our classes are scheduled after school hours, Monday through Friday, throughout the school year.

Basic Skills or Enrichment Skills Program

An individualized program for each student in a basic skill area, combined with related skill areas that are needed.

Concentrated one-to-one instruction by highly qualified, degreed and experienced teachers working under the guidance of the director.

Our teachers have been trained to use a variety of specific materials and techniques that have shown to enable clients to greatly improve and often overcome learning skill deficiencies.

Remedial, developmental and/or enrichment instruction in:

  • Readiness (Ages 4&5)
  • Reading (Grades K-12)
  • Mathematics (Grades K-8)
  • English (Grades 1-12)
  • Writing Skills (Grades 1-12+)
  • Study Skills (Grades 1-12+)
  • Learning Skills (Grades 1-12+)

Instructional periods are arranged on an hourly basis, once, twice or three times a week depending upon need and/or desire.

Specialized Tutorial Program

Concentrated one-to-one instruction, on an hourly basis, for students in Middle School, High School, or college.

Instruction by highly qualified, experienced tutors with degrees in the following subject areas:

  • History: Global Studies, U.S. History & Government, World History, American History
  • Mathematics: Grades 7 & 8, Algebra, Geometry
  • Science: Earth Science, Biology, Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics
  • English: Grades 7 through College Level (Grammar, Literature, and/or Writing) Comprehensive English 11
  • Spanish & French: Enrichment for the elementary student or as a second language for adults

A summer program consisting of 12 hours of instruction in preparation for the August exams is also available.

We also offer mini-courses in the math and science areas designed to meet the prerequisites for entrance into nursing school, community colleges, and various industrial job opportunities.

Test Preparation Program

One-to-one instruction in preparation for taking the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, NTE, and GED examinations.

PSAT and SAT preparation which covers the verbal and/or math sections of each exam and is generally taken for a period of two to three months prior to the examination.

ACT preparation in which you can choose between verbal, science, social studies and mathematics sections. This also is generally taken for a period of two to three months prior to the examination.

Lessons in units of four or eight.

Study Skills Program

The Achievement Center offers a unique program incorporating:

  • note taking
  • effective studying
  • organization
  • test taking strategies

The program is individualized and offered in units of four or eight lessons, depending on need and/or desire.

Visual Skills Program

Remedial, Developmental or Enrichment

We do not “see” with our eyes or our brain; rather vision is the reception and processing of visual information by the total person. Since 66% of all information we receive is visual, it becomes clear that efficient visual skills are a critical part of learning, working and even recreation. An individualized program is offered for the client who wishes to enhance their visual skills.

Pre-School Program

One-to-one lessons are offered with the emphasis on kindergarten readiness. Children 4 years of age receive developmental instruction designed to enhance and accelerate their visual and auditory perceptual skills as well as their thinking and socialization skills.

Specialized Programs for Gifted & Talented Students (Grades K-12)

A complete individualized and one-to-one program is designed for each gifted student based on interest and instructional level.

Specialized Program for Dyslexic Students (Learning Disabled)

The Achievement Center offers complete diagnostic testing and a unique individualized remedial program that has proven to be highly effective in helping to rehabilitate learning disabled students.

Home Schooling Assistance

The Achievement Center offers assistance and support to the parents of children currently being home schooled, in the development and facilitation of educational options, instructional devices and resources available to them. Curriculum consulting is included in this area of support.

We offer tutorial sessions and remedial instruction for home schooled children as a way of supplementing and increasing their capabilities in various courses.

The Achievement Center can also administer standardized tests.

Lastly, we provide consulting services and advice to the home school community with the preparation of Individual Home Instruction Plans, quarterly reports, annual assessments and remedial instruction for the learning disabled.

Summer Program
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Writing Skills

$43 - $55 per lesson depending upon program

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