The Achievement Center
The Achievement Center

Diagnostic Testing

A comprehensive battery of diagnostic standardized tests designed to assess the client's development is administered by The Achievement Center's trained diagnostician, Laura Satterly-Austin. This evaluation goes beyond public school psychological testing in depth and scope, to give a complete picture of the client's overall skill levels in all academic and learning areas.

They include:

  • All basic skill areas of reading
  • All basic skill areas of mathematics
  • Written expression
  • Learning skills
    • Visual perception
    • Visual memory
    • Visual tracking
    • Auditory perception
    • Auditory processing
    • Auditory memory
    • Eye-hand coordination
  • IQ test

Following the test, a two-hour conference with the parents, or adult individual, takes place. A confidential written report is included.

Testing Fees:

Pre-school ages 4-5:  $195.00
Grades K-1:  $235.00
Grades 2-3:  $265.00
Grades 4-6:  $275.00
Grades 7-8:  $290.00
Grades 9-12:  $310.00
College - Adult:  $335.00

(This fee is payable before conference is held.)

Diagnostic Testing

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